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Hybrid Offspring in Genesis 6: Aliens, Hollow Earth and the Forbidden Chronicles of Earths History

Pastor Jim Wilhelmsen comes on the show to talk about his research and gives his unique biblical perspective into ancient mysteries, UFO’s, extraterrestrials and alternative history! He is also the author of the book Stranger than Fiction. His research is known for explaining the Great Alien Deception from ancient times to modern day. Jim provides counseling for victims of alien abductions and shares his life long research with the paranormal and other strange phenomena.

The Artificial Bread and Circus Dystopian Society with Charlie Robinson

In this Mind Blowing paradigm shifting interview with Charlie Robinson, we unravel this artificial construct reality in which was created for the worlds total enslavement! Charlie is the author of The Octopus of Global Control. We start the conversation off with the history of mind control and Charlie brilliantly breaks down the elites blueprint of how they are trying desperately hard to keep the human race in a zombiefied state of existence!

The Reptilian Colonization of Earth and their Alliance with the Illuminati

Stewart Swerdlow comes on the show to discusses the Reptilian Agenda! He talks about the origins of the Reptilians and their presence here on Earth from the very beginning to modern day. He mentions that the Reptilian are working alongside with the Elite, the Cabal, the Illuminati, or whatever name you want to give them! He states that the Reptilians were the original colonist of Earth and they came from the Draco Star System. He talks about the Reptilians are living within the Hollow Earth and use to live within the largest continent known as Lemuria. He also talks about the great war between the Lemurians and the Atlanteans! He discusses the Illuminati and the 13 families and how they use alien technology.

The Ancient Cosmic Disclosure, Genetic Manipulation, and the Antarctica Connections

Joseph Farrell comes on the show and we talk about a wide range of topics that he covers within his books. His books fit together synergisticaly to form a much better picture of our ancient hidden past and to the more modern conspiratorial era! Joseph talked about how there has been a war going on for ages amongst the good and bad Extraterrestrials. He explained how there are different races of ETs working alongside with certain people in power for thousands of years. He later went into detail how the interest in Antarctica in modern times plays a significant role in better understanding the many mysteries of our ancient past!

Alternative 3, Apollo Missions, Space NAZI’s & Hollywoods Alien and SSP Symbolism in Movies

Olav Phillips from Paranoia Magazine comes on the show to discuss many cool topics. Some of the topics include the Secret Space Program, Truth in Movies, Extraterrestrial Symbolism, Moon Landings and the NASA Apollo Missions just to name a few.

Olav talked about how the Secret Apollo 20 missions and discussed how they went inside the carcass of a crashed Alien Spaceship on the far side of the Moon. He says you can go to the NASA photos and see the Alien Spaceship still there on the Moon. He also discussed how they retrieved an Alien body and a head.

Olav goes on to discuss Alternative 3 and the the three different levels. He explained that someone is preparing for a total collapse and states that we are currently in Alternative 3 right now.