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Twitter to add warning labels to “misleading” coronavirus tweets – but who’s fact-checking Twitter?

(Natural News) Twitter announced Monday that it would start adding warning labels on tweets that make disputed or misleading claims about the coronavirus (COVID-19). According to the company, this is part of a new approach to misinformation that will eventually extend to other topics. The social media giant’s new ruling is the latest in a wave of stricter …


The original video posted to YouTube had over 1 million views before it was deleted for contradicting the World Health Organization and the NIH. Here’s the new YouTube link: Truth of Doctors – Features scientist, Dr Judy Mikovits PHD. , Humanity is imprisoned by a killer pandemic. People are being arrested for surfing in the …

They Fear the Truth: Facebook Will Soon Warn You If You Like Or React To Coronavirus “Misinformation”

By John Vibes / Truth Theory Social media platforms have been increasing their content moderation efforts amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. This week, Facebook announced that they will begin warning users if they liked, reacted or commented on posts that are deemed to be “misinformation.” In a blog post announcing the new measures, Guy Rosen, …


Vic Bishop, Staff Writer
Waking Times

As the Coronavirus pandemic initially gripped the entire world, David Icke appeared as a guest on London Real in an interview that was quickly banned by YouTube at the behest of the BBC. What could be so dangerous about the speech of an aging ‘conspiracy theorist,’ as they call him?

After an enormous public show of support for David, Brian Rose of London Real reached out to the world for support of a livestream conversation with Icke that would serve as proof that we the people can still share the message of truth with the world, defying official efforts to censor information.

Icke’s recent livestreamed interview with Rose was recorded on May 3rd, and is available for viewing on independent platforms, including BitChute. The message is critical right now, because Icke logically and thoughtful deconstructs the rapidly moving plans to enslave the world with fear of Covid-19 and ultimately create a ‘Hunger Games’ society, where people are completely dependent on the State for survival.

Here are a few of powerful quotes from the interview.

On one of the bigger reason for the lockdowns:

“This fake pandemic… has been employed for many reasons, but profoundly right in there, is to have a lockdown of business, particularly small business, which, in vast numbers will not survive, the big people can, to have a lockdown long enough to destroy the independent livelihood of vast numbers of the human population…

What they’re going to do is they’re going to keep this going until they reach the point where they think, we’ve now reached a situation where we transformed human society, we have destroyed the independent livelihood of enormous numbers of people, and it’s irreversible. And that’s what they’re holding on to. And what you’re going to see is some of it rolled back, as little as they can get away with, and then they’re planning new waves of the virus… and then they will bring lockdown back. ” ~David Icke

On using fear to control:

“Once you trigger the survival mechanism, then all rational thought disappears, because the only thing, I must survive, and so, if I must survive by staying in my house and seeing my whole life disappear, then I must. And by the way, if it will help me to survive, then I will agree to any level of Draconian imposition, as long as I think it will help me survive. This the survival mechanism…” ~David Icke

On creating massive social dependency on the government:

“The plan in this Hunger Games society is to create mass dependency by giving people, with no other form of income by then, what is called a guaranteed income. And it would be a pittance. Survival level. But that guaranteed income… would come with strings. You get the guaranteed income, but you do what the State says or you don’t get it…” ~David Icke