(Rosette Delacroix) The Dark Tower is Stephen King’s Magnum Opus. Which is just another way to say his Great Work. The work of the Masons to bring about a New World Order. He tells us he began the series in 1970 and completed it in 2003. He made sure to tell us it took him 33 years. Thirty-three of course being the special number. One above freezing where the snow melts and the truth is revealed. Thirty-three, the age of Christ when He was crucified; to the Luciferian’s a victory over God. Thirty-three vertebrae in the spine. The same spine that they believe through their Key of Solomon will bring the Adept enlightenment. Their in(version) of Illumination. Through the Anu- the anus.

Stephen is 33 in numerology. S= 1 T= 2 E= 5 P= 7 H= 8 E= 5 N= 5 so 1+2+5+7+8+5+5= 33.

And he spells Stephen with a PH like in Phoenician. The Phoenicians were the keepers of the mystery schools and through the use of their Phonetics they hide truth in plain sight.

The question is WHY is this his Magnum Opus? What is in here that he is trying to convey? Certain symbolism, certain agendas are being pushed. Does he have all bases covered in this one? Because although they would like the movie to be entertaining, it is MORE important to have the hidden message conveyed. The entertainment value is SECONDARY.

King is a writer- someone who conjures up rites (rituals) for us to follow.  Spelling his words, (casting spells), with his pen(is) into sentences. The sentence is placed upon us when we read the lines.

In the black and white photo, how fitting, King is showing his allegiance, even in his younger years, with his left eye t-shirt. Of the left- the Left Hand Path, the path of Lucifer. And on the Time cover positioned just so, so that the M (M for Mason) is behind his head making devil’s horns.

He tells us that the main character, the Gunslinger, is actually based on a Knight, of King Arthur’s Round Table. From the Wiki, “In the story, Roland Deschain (An anagram for “Land of the Chained”) is the last living member of a knightly order known as gunslingers and the last of the line of “Arthur Eld”, his world’s analogue of King Arthur.”

And just as Arthur carried a sword, Roland carries a gun. So this gunslinger, this knight, is on a quest to find The Man in Black, who he has some reckoning with. The Gunslinger is King Arthur, or Christ and The Man in Black is King Coel, or Lucifer. (Note that Coel, C-O-E-L is Coal, C-O-A-L- as in Black).

Now they are inverting here because they have a black man play the white and the white man play the black. (Now of course there is nothing wrong with a black man playing a good guy, it all has to do with the symbolism of the colors.) They have the good represented by blue and they have the bad represented by red, (Crimson King). Christ is red blooded. Lucifer is blue blooded (the Blue Bloods). You can also tell by looking at a rainbow. The red is always at the top, closest to Heaven, and the blue (violet or purple) is at the bottom, closest to their god in the Abyss, otherwise known as Hell.

They are playing out The War of the Roses. Now The War of the Roses has been going on since the beginning of time. Just like the Tower, which has been there from the beginning. It is the war between good and evil, between Christ and Lucifer. It played out in Arthur’s time with him against King Coel (black), it played out later in what was known as The War of the Roses with the Lancaster’s (red rose) against the York’s (white rose). The Lannisters against the Starks.

It played out in the U.S. when Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce (should be Neige Perce- French for Snow Piercer) led his people to safety in The Trail of Tears. It plays out throughout the world in people who are brave and true like Christ.

This was a GOOD man.

“Hear me, my chiefs! I am tired. My heart is sick and sad. From where the sun now stands, I will fight no more forever.” ~ Chief Joseph

Walter O’Dim~ So we have WATER in his name. Water is the element of the Left. It is the element associated with the Moon. The moon is a symbol for Lucifer. It is a taking energy. Sailors were told not to sleep on the deck of the ship at night fore they would get ill.  And O’dim as in a dim light, like the moon gives off. Also O’dim is phonetically similar to O’din. Odin the Norse God who is the equivalent of Anu.

The Dark Tower is brought to us by Colombia pictures, which is another name for Isis, which is also Lilith, the female version of Lucifer. She is represented in the androgynous figure called the Statue of Liberty. Notice she is holding a blue wrap. And as we mentioned blue is symbolic of the Blue Bloods, the elite. The rainbow in the logo is in an arch and thus shows the colors inverted, with blue at the top. She is wearing a TOGA. Toga is an anagram for GOAT. The goat god. And goat is an abbreviation for “greatest of all time” how they refer to Lucifer. They are both on platforms as if they are towers. Like the black tower in the center of the earth. And they are both illuminated. The fire represents the energy that keeps this plane running. Notice the cloud behind her. It is shaped like a mountain.

They made sure to show her in The OA. New York is the capital of the Masons. York Rite in England, New York Rite in America.

Tet is short for the Tetragrammaton the divine name for God. YHWH. Notice the red rose. The red rose is associated with Christ. And then we have the turtle with grids like a globe, but its his dome shaped shell.

Represented here in the Hindu Cosmology of the world. Notice the snake biting its tail; the Ouroboros, the infinity time loop, represented by an O twisted which becomes an eight. And in both we see the Dark Tower in the center, illuminated.

“A tower stands at the center of the universe protecting us from darkness.”

A tower, surrounded by RED roses, protecting it.

“It is said that the mind of a child can bring it down.”

Like the fool. Stephen knows the fool represents the journey of Christ. He is both 0 and 22, the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. King mentions 22 in his forward on 19, “by 1970 I was twenty-two, the first strands of gray had showed up in my beard ( I think smoking two and a half packs of Pall Malls a day probably had something to do with that), but even at twenty-two, one can afford to wait.”

The Dark Tower, the magic mountain in the middle of our world. The magnetic mountain, also known as Mount Meru, Yggdrasil and Mount Zion.

End-World. End is an anagram for Eden. Eden-World, at the center.

The movie starts with a shot of a Witches Hat in a playground. Witches worship eight main pagan holidays, Imbole, Ostara, Beltane, Midsummer, Lughnasadh, Mabon, Samhain and Yule. And witches do the SAME RITUALS as the Masons. Their initiation ceremony is almost identical. They are: 1) being recommended by a current witch 2) being blindfolded, bound by a rope, naked and lead to the edge of a magic circle. Where they are met by a high priest or priestess who puts a sword to their chest. 3) with sword against chest they take a blood oath pledging to keep the secrets of witchcraft 4) Who goes there? One from the world of darkness. 5) And end any spell or ritual where they release the powers with, “SO MOTE IT BE”.

With the eight pointed star being used here in Mr.Robot. Notice the E in the center. E for Eden.

Stephen King’s favorite number is 19. His forward for his Dark Tower series is called On Being Nineteen (and a Few Other Things). He started writing at age nineteen and then had his accident at almost 19 x 2, he says, hit by car on June 19, 1999. A rose is a rose is a rose= 19 letters.

Also 1919 is 911. 9 + 9 = 18 which is 1 + 8 = 9. So you really have 9 + 11 or 9/11. I is the ninth letter and K is the eleventh. IK reversed is KI. KI is the Sumerian word for EARTH. So 9/11 is the number for the EARTH. And what does the Tower represent? Control of the EARTH. And Earth is anagram of Heart. So the Earth is the Heart of our world. The Heart is the center and in the center we have the Tree of Life. And the Tree of Life is also known as the Dark Tower.

Notice how similar the place where the gifted children are kept in The Dark Tower, to where the gifted children are kept in The Maze Runner. Children, because their energy is the strongest, because their energy is the most pure.

Here in The Dark Tower looks eerily similar to here in The Giver. Both look like giant cut trees. Did they cut these giant trees all across our earth? They sure do like to hide this possibility in plane site. I would give a most emphatic YES.

And could this be the true shape of our Earth? Not round, not square, but tree shaped? As above, so below. One giant tree, our whole plane, and one giant tree within our plane at the center?

And the top of the cut tree in The Giverlooks like a circuit board. Showing how the magnetism from the center permeates outward. Powering up our world.

And here is the eight pointed star diagram in The Dark Tower on the left. Which looks very similar to the eight pointed star diagram in Mr.Robot on the right. Circuit boards.

Which is also the symbol for Anu. An eight pointed star. You can see it here with Anu, a giant, a Nephilim, and the human slaves in front of him.

It is also depicted in the symbol for Thanateros. Thanat- death and Eros- love, a death cult, like Saturn, Saturn Death Cult. Eros is an anagram for Rose but in this sense it is for the Death of the Rose, the death of love.

So it’s interesting that King used mole people in this movie. The Mole people of New York. Who live beneath the city in their own little world. A slave class, working for The Man in Black.

The Mole people is not a new theme. Its come up in movies of the ’50’s. Notice here they live under the Moon. They come out at night. And the land is desolated. All the “giant” trees cut.

And here with the gifted girl who has “the shine” is very similar to the gifted girl who can see in The Minority Report.

Using their energy to destroy the Tower. Supposedly to bring in the dark forces. But would it? Without the energy of the Tower would there even BE life on this plane?

And they always make sure to add a shot of One World Trade Center. From the two towers, representing duality, into the one, representing their New World Order. Their Tower mocking the Tower in the middle, the true Tower, protecting the Earth.

It comes up in The Magicians.

And in Mr. Robot too.

We first meet Jake in the middle of a dream. It looks like a demon breaking through from the another dimension.

Which looks very similar to Eleven’s dream in Strange Things Season 2. In here we know its the Upside Down, a parallel dimension just below ours, where Hell (Hel) is on the Tree of Life, on Yggdrasil.

He is shaken awake by an earthquake. Are we getting more of these recently? Does this have something to do with the Tower? Are they telling us something here? Will the Tower fall?

Nineteen also comes up in Genesis 19 as the story of Lot. Of Sodom and Gomorrah, two of five towns that were so corrupt, so immoral that God wanted them wiped from the face of the earth. Where sodomy was committed, which goes on today in homage to Anu the god of the Anu(s), the anus.

And King refers to Genesis 19 again, the story of Lot, in his book Salem’s Lot(JeruSalem’s Lot). Which is about vampires, which is what the controlling elite are.

“So when’s the apocalypse coming?” They won’t put anything in here that isn’t important to them. So IS the apocalypse coming? Is this predictive programming? Getting us ready?

Jake is obsessed with the Tower. It haunts his dreams. It haunts his every waking moment.

Like it haunted Roy Neary in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. He was haunted by the Tower too. He built it in his living room. He sculpted it in his mash potatoes.

They have Easter eggs throughout this movie, I guess BECAUSE it’s King’s Opus. He puts a little of each of his favorites in here. Here he puts a photo behind the psychiatrist of the Overlook Hotel, where The Shining took place.

“I’m not crazy! I always see the guys in the zipped up skin, the men in black,” yells Jake. Just like Elliott does in Mr. Robot. Followed by the Men in Black. Elliot’s are in the more traditional sense. Men in black suits and hats, as seen here on the left.  While Jake’s are disguised in human skin, kind of like the aliens in… Men in Black, who are pursued by the… Men in Black.

Jake Chambers also is thought of as “crazy” and has to meet with a psychiatrist, just like Elliott.

Two moons… so we know Jake is in another world. Notice the trees…cut.

The Man in Black, “You have nothing to be afraid of my friend. Death is not far away. You want to know what’s on the other side? Can you see it? Of course you can’t. Because NOTHING is there. It’s all a lie.”

“Go to Hell!” says the dying guy.

“Been there,” he replies.

“You know NOTHING Jon Snow!”


“What did you see there?”


But is that just what they want us to believe? That we only have this life? So “do as thou will”.


They have the Allstate guy play the Gunslinger’s father! More product placement? Like the network security company that Elliot worked for called Allsafe. Allsafe ~ Allstate.

I do not aim with my hand;
He who aims with his hand has forgotten the face of his father.
I aim with my eye.

I do not shoot with my hand;
He who shoots with his hand has forgotten the face of his father.
I shoot with my mind.

I do not kill with my gun;
He who kills with his gun has forgotten the face of his father.
I kill with my heart.

Roland Deschain, The Gunslinger’s Creed

The Heart is the Earth. He is the protector of the Earth.

Now here it’s interesting that they have an ink blot on the wall. The ink blot is part of the Rorschach test which was used by psychiatrists to determine a person’s personality characteristics and emotional functioning. Various codes were established to identify the name of a descriptive object, with terms such as human, nature, animal, abstract, clothing, fire and x-ray, to name a few. Could a certain pattern unlock a portal?

Like the pattern or outline of this portal that Jake and The Man in Black walk through?

Here’s another one. Is this a clue?

So Jake climbs out the bathroom window of his apartment to escape from the Mole people. He jumps on a phone booth. Phone booths are often used as portals. Like the one in The Matrix. Notice it says “Titan” on it in two spots. The Titans, or the Nephilim, the ancestors of whom are ruling today, who control the portals.

And we have DB on the canopy, Dha Ba, DB is the inverse of BD or bad, so DB is good. Jake is good.

We had a portal phone booth in The Magicians as well.

“All Hail the Crimson King.” With the left eye. This is in the Mansion that has the portal to Midworld. Mansion~ in Mason.

And the code to Midworld? 1919 of course. The number for Earth. Midworld, Midgard, middle garden, the garden in the center.

What Jake pops out of looks like a reptilian eye. An eye with a slit.

Dust Devil. Which reminds me of the song by Puscifer called Horizons.

Dust devil swept you away
It’s still not real
Ash and urn and silence
Talk to me
Dust devil swept you away
My recollections are all that’s left of you
Swirl and sway
Without me

Dust devil swept you away
Whirling playful dancing
About you
What’s left of you is
Ash and urn and this

And yes Puscifer would be followers of Lucifer and Crowley, the Left Hand Path, but the words here are fitting with both Jake and Roland losing their fathers.

Puscifer is Maynard’s he/she, or Baphomet band, with Tool being the male and A Perfect Circle being the female.

The Dust Devil looks phallic.

The Man in Black and Jake meet. But its not a “loving” meeting.

As Cersei says, “The more people you love, the weaker you are. You’ll do things for them that you know you shouldn’t do. You’ll act the fool to make them happy, to keep them safe. Love no one but your children. On that front, a mother has no choice.”

Same with a father, or a mentor.

The Man in Black walks by and instead of HELL-o he says, “HATE”. Her eyes momentarily turn black. Hell-o and hate are basically the same though aren’t they? Do we pass on negative energy when we use this word? Without even knowing it?

“All Hail the Crimson King”, on the door to the underworld. To below the city, where the mole’s live.

Where they shop for skins. What they want us to believe, that we are all just souls in meat suits. Switch out the suit to your liking. Be a boy today, tomorrow a girl, next day a he/she.

The land where Jake and The Man in Black are traversing is the same lands as in Avatar called the Hallelujah MountainsThe same lands in our world, in the land of China, in Zangjiajie National Forest.

Another Easter egg is Pennywise the clown, from Stephen King’s horror novel called It.

When they stop for the night and build a fire, Roland draws the world in the dirt, explaining how it works to Jake. “Inside the circle is your world, my world, many others, no one knows how many. The Dark Tower stands in the center of all things. Since the beginning of time. And it sends out powerful energy that protects the universe, from what’s outside. Outside is endless darkness, full of demons trying to get to us. Walter wants to let the demons and monsters in. So he can rule over them.”

Notice how similar it is to the maze in Westworld. In Westworld Dolores’ quest was to get to the center.

Salt and Pepper. To symbolize the black and white of Freemasonry. Of Roland and The Man in Black.

Sgt PEPPER’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. And who was Sgt PEPPER? Aleister Crowley, he was Pepper, The Man in Black.

Black Keys on the wall. Black Keys as opposed to White. Pepper. What’s interesting is that the group The Black Keys had this tour poster made a few years ago. And it shows the Tower as well.


Here they prominently show the number 13. Thirteen for the 13 real Illuminati families. 13 is M in numerology. M for Mason. But they usurp because 13 is also Christ’s number. He is the 13th. Twelve disciples and Him in the center. Just like Arthur Eld, twelve knights of the Round Table with Arthur being the 13th in the center.

And here, the Goats again symbolic of Lucifer, the goat god, the Baphomet.

I do not kill with my gun;
He who kills with his gun has forgotten the face of his father.
I kill with my heart.

19, upside down 7 makes a 1, and 9. So 1919 again.

To Allie, (A note from The Man in Black in the first book of The Dark Tower series, The Gunslinger). “You want to know about Death. I left him a word. That word is NINETEEN. If you say it to him his mind will be opened. He will tell you what lies beyond. He will tell you what he saw. The word is NINETEEN. Knowing will drive you mad. But sooner or later you will ask. You won’t be able to help yourself. Have a nice day! (smiley face emoticon)” ~ Walter O’Dim

And a prominent smiley face emoticon here. HELL-o there. Hate. The smiley face is the symbol for “Do as thou will shall be the whole of the law.” Crowley’s law. Which appears here in The Bad Batch as well.

Which came up in Mr. Robot too.

Here on the Mr. Robot patch.

And in The Magicians.

And here, when Elliot walks into the room, you can see it on the wall above his left shoulder. Of the Left. Which in real life was the marker of the killers dubbed The Smiley Face Killers because they left it spray painted next to their victims.

“His guns are forged from the steel of Arthur Eld himself. I believe the Keystoners call it Excalibur,”  said Walter.

“We know that regardless of whoever crosses the finish line first, the universe will die out eventually. Death always wins. That’s the deal,” exclaims The Man in Black.

But its how we play the game that makes all the difference Walter.

To get to the place where The Man in Black is trying to blow up the Tower the code is 611. 611 is an inversion of 911. The inverse of good is? Bad. 611 is also 6 x 11 = 66, the number for the Grand Inquisitor Commander, two 33’s in Freemasonry; two Stars of David.

Jake has the “shine”. He sits in the chair that forces his energy into destroying the Tower. But he fights it.

The Crimson KING. Stephen KING. Notice the left eyes on the building look just like King’s left eye on his shirt.

The same left eye that is in The Game of Thrones, used by Euron Greyjoy as his sigil. The Crimson King, the most evil villain next to the Night King. The Night King, the black king, but notice he is really in BLUE.

So Mathew McConaughey is the Crimson King in The Dark Tower and he played a detective on True Detectivesthat had a yellow king. Carcosa the yellow king, who was worshiped and had children sacrificed to him.

The Crimson King, half human, half demon; leader of the red force of chaos- seeks to topple the Dark Tower. Seeks to bring about endless discord and mania. Just like Carcosa, bringer of mayhem.

Rust Cohle, Cohle which is phonetically the same as C-O-E-L, as in King Coel, Arthur’s enemy and as C-O-A-L, the color black. No wonder he’s playing The Man in Black.

Roland is shot in his RIGHT hand. Just like Snowpiercer, with a wound to his RIGHT hand, that looks like the crucifixion wound of Christ. Remember Curtis was Christ in THAT movie. Curtis is an anagram for Curist, one who heals. And replace the “u” in Curist with an “h” and you have? Christ.

Just like Jaime Lannister with his RIGHT hand wounded. Actually chopped right off. He would be the Christ character in The Game of Thrones.

Roland, the heart, the Christ, in The Dark Tower, shoots with HIS heart, and he finally hits his mark. O’dim’s eye is dimmed.

Without O’dim’s dark magic, the machine can not stand. It implodes.

And the Tower is saved.

Notice how tall it actually is. It reaches above the clouds, to the Heavens.

Roland and Jake can finally rest in their accomplishment. But what kind of world is it now? New YORK still stands, the One World Tower still stands. The white rose is still out there.

But the RED rose will ALWAYS protect the Tower. One for Roland and a smaller one for Jake.

And here is the YouTube version- in collaboration with ODD! Enjoy! Looking forward to more collaborations with him. He definitely put the spark in the presentation.



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