HIDDEN HISTORY: Schiff Banking Family, Ukraine ruled by Khazarians & Roots of Russophobia

HIDDEN HISTORY: Schiff Banking Family, Ukraine ruled by Khazarians & Roots of Russophobia

Source – The Millennium Report

by Shoshoni, May 8th, 2020

The most important realization that the people of America must have at this moment in history is that there is a Trojan horse full of con artists, who are calling themselves Jews, but who are actually fake Jews who are in the process of destroying our country. They have used their status to pervert the Jewish religion by touting the Talmud, instead of the Torah, as their holy book.

They are the most dangerous and evil group of “imposters” that the world has ever known and they are now in the process of trying to overthrow the United States just like they overthrew Russia and turned it into a communist state over a century ago. This [Khazarian] mafia, which started its vendetta against the entire planet many centuries ago, considers its homeland to be around the Black Sea, the Volga River and the Caucacus Mountains which is the modern-day country of Ukraine and its surrounding areas.

These imposter Jews are from the ancient empire of Khazaria. Today their bloodlines control the entire planet and their family names are Rothschild, Schiff, Soros and others. The only way to understand the motivations and the methods of this cabal that threatens our country from within is to understand the history of the key players, who we have been watching, while they do everything in their power to destroy our country and our people on a daily basis. 

Their story is one of revenge and abject hatred of Russia and now the United States of America! They feel that America and Russia must never become friends or allies. Every modern-day president who has tried to make peace with Russia was shot, assassinated or attacked mercilessly when they could not be murdered by any other means. The following excerpts are from two books that tell the story of these fake Jews, who have perverted and defiled Judaism and everything that they have touched for centuries. 

The following information shows us how similar methods were used by the same group to take over the media, and to create fake stories of Jewish oppression in Russia, in order to overthrow the Russian people. Furthermore, they help to explain how the seeds of our second American Civil War were planted and are now being nurtured by their evil designs. If one wants to know the seat of the bloodlines behind the reptiles of the Washington swamp, and the Wall Street Banks, and the Media Monsters behind all of the outrageous lies about our current reality, they need to look no further than the corrupt country of Ukraine.

The following excerpt is from the book by British writer Arthur Koestler. “THE 13TH TRIBE – THE KHAZAR EMPIRE AND ITS HERITAGE.” The American publisher is Random House, New York, N.Y.

History records that the Khazars were derived from a mixture of Mongols, Turks, and Finns. As early as the 3rdCentury A.D., they were identifiable in constant warfare in the areas of Persia and Armenia. Later, in the 5thCentury, the Khazars were among the devastating hordes of Attila the Hun. Around 550 A.D., the nomadic Khazars began settling themselves in the area around the northern Caucasus between the Black and Caspian Seas. The Khazar capital of Itil was established at the mouth of the Volga River where it emptied into the Caspian, in order to control the river traffic. The Khazars then exacted a toll of 10% on any and all cargo which passed Itil on the river. Those who refused were attacked and slaughtered.

With their kingdom firmly established in the Caucasus, the Khazars gradually began to create an empire of subjugated peoples. More and more Slavonic tribes, who were peaceful compared to the Khazars, were attacked and conquered. They became parts of the Khazar Empire, required to pay tribute continually to the Khazar kingdom. Tribute by conquered peoples has always been a feature of empires, of course, but not in the fashion of the Khazars. The so-called great empires of the world always gave something in return for the tribute they exacted. Rome, for example, made citizens of those they conquered; and in return for the taxes they levied, they brought civilization, order, and protection against attack from would-be invaders. But not so in the Khazar Empire. The peoples who were subject to the Khazars received only one thing in return for their payments of tribute, and that was a shaky promise: the Khazars would refrain from further attacks and pillage so long as the tributes were paid. The subjects of the Khazar Empire, therefore, were nothing more than the victims of a giant protection racket. The Khazar overlords were therefore resented universally and bitterly throughout their domain, but they were also feared because of the merciless way in which they dealt with anyone who stood up to them. 

And so the Khazar Empire expanded until it occupied large areas of what is now Russia and southeastern Europe. By the 8th Century, the Khazar Empire extended northward to Kiev and westward to include the Magyars, the ancestors of modern Hungary. In about 740 A.D., a stunning event took place. The Khazars had been under continual pressure from their Byzantine and Moslem neighbors to adopt either Christianity or Islam; but the Khazar ruler, called the Kagan, had heard of a third religion called JUDAISM. Apparently for political reasons of independence, the Kagan announced that the Khazars were adopting Judaism as their religion. Overnight an entirely new group of people, the warlike Khazars, suddenly proclaimed themselves Jews—adoptive Jews. The Khazar kingdom began to be described as the “kingdom of the Jews” by historians of that day. Succeeding Khazar rulers took Jewish names, and during the late 9th Century the Khazar kingdom became a haven for Jews from other lands. 

Meanwhile the brutal Khazar domination over other peoples continued unchanged. But then a new factor appeared on the scene. During the 8th Century they came coursing down the great rivers—the Dnieper, the Don, the Volga. They were the eastern branch of the Vikings. They were known as the Varangians, or as the Rus. Like other Vikings, the Rus were bold adventurers and fierce fighters; but when they tangled with the Khazars, the Rus often ended up paying tribute like everyone else. In the year 862 a Rus leader named Rurik founded the city of Novgorod, and the RUSSIAN NATION was born. The Rus Vikings settled among the Slavonic tribes under Khazar domination, and the struggle between Vikings and Khazars changed in character.

It became a struggle by the emerging nation of Russia for independence from Khazar oppression. 

Over a century after the founding of Russia’s first city, another momentous event took place. Russia’s leader, Prince Vladimir of Kiev, accepted baptism as a Christian in the year 989. He actively promoted Christianity in Russia, and his memory is revered by Russians today as “Saint Vladimir”; and so a thousand years ago Russia’s tradition as a Christian nation began.

Vladimir’s conversion also brought Russia into alliance with Byzantium. The Byzantine rulers had always feared the Khazars, and the Russians were still struggling to free themselves. And so in the year 1016, combined Russian and Byzantine forces attacked the Khazar kingdom. The Khazar Empire was shattered, and the kingdom of the Khazars itself fell into decline. Eventually most of the Khazar Jews migrated to other areas. Many of them wound up in Eastern Europe, where they mingled and intermarried with other Jews. Like the Semitic Jews some 1000 years earlier, the Khazar Jews became dispersed. The kingdom of the Khazars was no more. 

As they moved and lived among the Jewish people, the Khazar Jews passed on a distinct heritage from generation to generation. One element of the Khazar Jew heritage is a militant form of ZIONISM. In the view of Khazar Jews, the land occupied by ancient Israel is to be retaken—not by miracle but by armed force. This is what is meant by Zionism today, and this is the force that created the nation which calls itself Israel today. The other major ingredient of the Khazar Jew heritage is hatred for Christianity, and for the Russian people as the champions of the Christian faith. Christianity is viewed as the force which caused the ancient so-called kingdom of the Jews, the Khazar kingdom, to collapse. Having once dominated much of what is present-day Russia, the Khazar Jews still want to reestablish that domination—and for a millennium they have been trying continually to do just that. 

In 1917 the Khazar Jews passed a major milestone toward the creation of their own state in Palestine. That same year they also created the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. There followed a Christian holocaust, the likes of which the world has never seen. The Khazar Jews were once again in control of Russia after more than 900 years, and they set about the task of destroying Christianity by destroying Christians—over 100-million of them, and at the same time over 20-million religious Jews also died at the hands of the Khazar Jews. This, my friends, is what the Russian Christians were up against in their 60-year struggle to overthrow the atheistic Bolsheviks; but they finally succeeded in their overthrow program, and now the 1000-year-old war between the Russian Christians and the Khazar Jews is reaching a climax. At stake is not only the future of Russia and of Christianity, but also of the Jewish people as a whole.


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