Magé UFO crash investigator, local, confirms helicopter, military, activity

BRAZIL (INTELLIHUB) — UFO crash investigator and local resident Daves Balthazar appeared on the Was ist Das? Podcast on Sunday where he revealed details about what he and others have been witnessing taking place in and around both before and after a UFO purportedly crashed near the small town of Magé last Thursday.

The town is home to some 54,633 residents who have been recently become inundated over the past few days with UFO, helicopter, and military activity after an unidentified flying object was allegedly downed.

A power outage was also reported to have happened within the same timeframe.

Eyewitness video confirms at least one explosion occurred sometime after the alleged crash took place which some speculate may have been a covert U.S. military team breaching the craft.

This is a must-listen-to podcast!

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