Brazilian UFO story may have teeth: Radio show caller asserts military firefight with 3 ETs in forest real

Brazilian UFO story may have teeth: Radio show caller asserts military firefight with 3 ETs in forest real

(INTELLIHUB) — The Internet has been abuzz with dozens of stories which purport that a UFO had crashed in Magé, Brazil last Wednesday night and how the crash subsequently triggered a military response which led to the hostile engagement of three extraterrestrial beings that were trapped inside their downed craft.

Astonishingly, those stories have now been affirmed to some extent by a local Brazillian caller who got through to the Was ist Das? Podcast on Sunday claiming the alleged alien-human firefight had actually occurred.

The caller, who could not hear the host due to technical interference, stayed on the line diligently and even called back several times during the last 10 minutes of the broadcast in order to get what he insinuated to be highly credible information out to the masses.

While connected to the open Skype line the caller stated that 3 extraterrestrial beings entered into a firefight with military personnel after the hull the beings downed craft was breached by an explosive charge.

Although the call dropped and the stream went down the caller was able to reconnect.

“I really believe that something happened–that something crashed on the ground in Magé…,”he explained. “What I talked to you about in the last call about [how] the three beings came out of this ship is only tell [broken english] for me, from my wife, from a friend of hers who lives in Magé today… actually today… I don’t have a video of those beings–no one has a video of those beings… nor does the media or YouTube.”

“This is information from the people who live in Magé. Okay?… It hit the ground on Wednesday night and on Thursday morning the Army come and the shots who people hear from the city [broken english],” he said. “They shot these explosives to open the ship and when these three beings came out one was shot dead in place and two [ran] from the forest…”

The caller could not hear the show host but said that he will try to establish contact on a future broadcast.

It’s rumored the U.S. military is responsible for downing the craft and may have conducted retrieval operations.

You can listen to the entire broadcast here:

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