Post COVID Monetary Reset- Get Ready for Digital Dollar, Digital ID,Digital Yuan !!

Things will never be the same again. This pandemic is being used to cover up something far more sinister. They are bringing in the new monetary order. The reset will involve a digital world currency. That’s the plan; Digital currency, because cash is getting too dangerous. In reality, they will be robbing you of all your freedoms and privacy. Last month, Bill Gates went viral in several controversial interviews advocating mandatory digital ID as proof of coronavirus vaccination as soon as a vaccine is available. Gates has also funded research to create digital personal ID vaccination tattoos to make proof of vaccination visually and electronically apparent. He has also long advocated a cashless society using digital ID. The cattle must be branded to ensure the wealth of the elites isn’t contaminated by personal liberty. This digital immunity certificate sounds awfully similar to the New World Order scheme to chip the population. In China , they’ve been working on their central bank digital currency and we’re starting to see the first rollout now of the gold backed digital Yuan #crypto . This is a global reset in the financial system.

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