Hollywood’s Top 10 Predicted Coronavirus TV Shows and Movies of All Time

It became more and more obvious after the events of September 11th, 2001 unfolded that the Illuminati had prepared the masses (subliminally) leading up to the demise of the Twin Towers with predictive programming that came visa vie the big screen or the television screen. There are numerous films and TV shows that show the Twin Towers being brought down on 9/11. The Simpson and the movie ‘Back to the Future’ are classic go-to Hollywood productions that clearly showed the (awoken) viewer that the ‘inside evilness of the Satanic Cabal’ predicted the World Trade Center Towers being wiped out on the fateful day that changed the World. Now fast forward 19 years and we have this COVID 19 being hammered into our minds and they have prepared us for the past 25 years (plus) as Hollywood again predicted the Coronavirus Pandemic.

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