Mysterious V-Shaped UFO with Bright Lights Hovering over Austin (Texas)

Mysterious V-Shaped UFO with Bright Lights Hovering over Austin (Texas)

Footage of a triangle UFO over the Austin area has been submitted to TexasUFOs. What do you think this video shows? An alien or top-secret military spacecraft…or perhaps something simpler, like a large drone or led kite? The witness has followed up to say they don’t think it could be a drone due to how silent it was… but wonder if it could be a kite, as it showed up the next night as well, but this time with another mystery green light next to it… As always, share your thoughts in the comments below!

Detail of sighting:
UFO filmed at IH-35 and Wells Branch Pkwy in Austin (around Pflugerville) on Friday, August 3rd, 2018 at 8:15 PM. Sighting lasted for over an hour.

Full witness testimony:
“Seems as if it is hovering above the Oaks at Techridge Apartments. Been hovering for an hour and a half and still continuing. My first thoughts were is this either a UFO, drone, or a new type of child’s kite? I happened see an identical occurrence here on this website back from 8 months ago in Nov 2017…this could very well be the same thing! I have another pretty good photo I can email. But I will attach the video.”

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