Hillary Clinton-Barack Obama Ticket Could Replace Joe Biden

Hillary Clinton-Barack Obama Ticket Could Replace Joe Biden


Panic over Joe Biden’s viability as Democrat nominee for president has begun sweeping through Democrat circles, with some suggesting that Hillary Clinton could jump in to replace him with Barack Obama as her running mate, according to a Washington insider.

Douglas Mackinnon, a former writer for presidents George H.W. and Ronald Reagan, penned an editorial for The Hill on Saturday revealing that many Democrats are secretly worried about Biden’s presidential prospects.

“Some Democrats tell me they fear that Biden’s political survival is getting more problematic with each passing day,” Mackinnon wrote. “They cite three main issues. The first is their concern that an allegation of sexual assault leveled against Biden by former staffer Tara Reade won’t go away anytime soon. If anything, it appears to be about to gain a new life.”

“Next, they worry that another shoe could drop regarding questions related to Biden’s son Hunter and his business dealings. Lastly, some Democrats are concerned about Biden’s age and possible cognitive issues — a concern that some also have expressed about Trump.”

Mackinnon then says Clinton and Obama could swoop in to save the nomination, simply because the left views such a ticket as formidable against President Trump.


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