The Ancient Cosmic Disclosure, Genetic Manipulation, and the Antarctica Connections

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Joseph Farrell comes on the show and we talk about a wide range of topics that he covers within his books. His books fit together synergisticaly to form a much better picture of our ancient hidden past and to the more modern conspiratorial era! Joseph talked about how there has been a war going on for ages amongst the good and bad Extraterrestrials. He explained how there are different races of ETs working alongside with certain people in power for thousands of years. He later went into detail how the interest in Antarctica in modern times plays a significant role in better understanding the many mysteries of our ancient past!

-Ancient Extraterrestrial Cosmic Wars.
-Ancient Alien influence amongst the worlds Elite until modern day.
-Origins of the Creation of man.
-Control of Knowledge from Ancient times to Modern Day.
-Multiple Adams
-The fall of mankind.
-Ancient Babylonian Stories and Traditions.
-Tinkering with mankind
-Ancient Genetic Manipulation, Intervention, and Engineering of humans.
-Prison Planet
-Anunnaki and the Nephilim
-RH Negative Blood
-Nazis and the search for Advanced Technology.
-Nazis in league with extraterrestrials.
-Breakaway Civilizations and the Secret Space Program.

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