Alternative 3, Apollo Missions, Space NAZI’s & Hollywoods Alien and SSP Symbolism in Movies



Olav Phillips from Paranoia Magazine comes on the show to discuss many cool topics. Some of the topics include the Secret Space Program, Truth in Movies, Extraterrestrial Symbolism, Moon Landings and the NASA Apollo Missions just to name a few.

Olav talked about how the Secret Apollo 20 missions and discussed how they went inside the carcass of a crashed Alien Spaceship on the far side of the Moon. He says you can go to the NASA photos and see the Alien Spaceship still there on the Moon. He also discussed how they retrieved an Alien body and a head.

Olav goes on to discuss Alternative 3 and the the three different levels. He explained that someone is preparing for a total collapse and states that we are currently in Alternative 3 right now.

A few of the Hollywood ET and Secret Space Program movie Symbolism we discussed were Moonraker, 2001 Space Odyssey, The Last Mimsy, The Sentinel, The Shining, Eyes Wide Shut, Close Encounters of the Third Kind

-Mysterious Airships of 1897
-NAZI Bell
-Space NAZI’s
-Vril and Thule Society
-NASA Apollo Moon Landings and Missions
-Secret Apollo 20 Missions
-Stanley Kubrick
-Brookings Report
-Buzz Aldrins statement about a Monolith on one of the Moons of Mars
-Alternative 3
-Underground UFO Bases
-Hollywood Extraterrestrial and Secret Space Program Symbolism
-Hollywood Soft Disclosure
-Base 211 and Antarctica

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