Corey Goode Update: SSP Insiders vs SSP LARPERs?

Corey Goode Update: SSP Insiders vs SSP LARPERs?


by Corey Goode, September 26th, 2018

LARP (Live Action Role Player)

We witnessed the largest coordinated smear campaign in Ufology history a little over a year ago just as warned.

Now we have the LARPER Disinformation Campaign that is moving in for part 2 of the partial disclosure plan.

So far, the first LARPER is copying my testimony almost word for word and is using it as a template for their own fictional SSP experiences.

I will dig much deeper into this topic in the coming days and weeks.

We must say NO to SSP LARPERS and YES to Full Disclosure and consider the LARPER’s stories for what they are, entertainment.

This all occurs just as Space Force is announced and Q-Anon posts about Secret Space Programs and ET’s.

SSP is going mainstream and the MIC SSP has been ordered to control the narrative with exactly these types of tactics.

Buckle up everyone, we are entering a very important phase of not only Disclosure but the freedom of Humanity.

Stay strong and screw on your discernment hat, you are going to need it!

Corey Goode

#20andback (TM) #SSP (TM)

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