FBI Agent John Desouza on Antarcticas Alien Civilization, Alien Mummies & the Alien Earth Hypothesis

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John Desouza a former FBI Investigator and the real life Fox Mulder of The X Files comes on the show to discuss many fascinating topics. We started off the discussion talking about massive highways under Antarctica and how he stated they found bodies under the ice down there, ‘both being human and non-human entities’. He also explains his thoughts on Antarctica having an Alien Civilization. And stated that he believes “that there’s actually things that are alive down there”. He mentioned how there is so much interest down there because of “Alien Technology” and “Thats Why All The Nations Are There”.

John went on to talk about the Atacama Desert Alien Mummy which was exposed by the documentary Sirius by Steven Greer. He got on to explain the scientific analysis behind the creature. He said that the mummy is actually a “humanoid mummy”. He said ‘apparently there are many reports back in northern Chile that these things are over there right now in the desert and they are alive’ and they like to come out at night when the moon is out. He went on to talk about other similar cases of reports of alien mummies across the world.

John went on to talk about his hypothesis that he is working on alongside Jason Quitt who is the author of Forbidden Knowledge: Revelations of a multi-dimensional time traveler. The hypothesis they are working on is called “The Alien Earth Hypothesis and what it says is that all the aliens are not out in space, they are here with us”. He said that is possible that they are more earthlings than we are and that we may actually be more alien than they are. He stated that this hypothesis connects with almost everything including Antarctica, Atlantis, the Sonic Booms and Trumpets heard all over the world. John mentioned that all the Aliens could actually be under our feet instead of out there in space.

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